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Friday, December 06 2019

The impeachment inquiry remains front-page news with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi instructing Democrats to proceed with drawing up articles of impeachment against President Trump, setting the stage for a full chamber vote, according to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post and New York Times. The Star Tribune reports that as Pelosi concluded her weekly news conference on Thursday, a reporter asked her if she hates the president. Phone records released this week by the House Intelligence Committee show the likelihood of unsecured conversations, reports the Washington Post. After months of fighting the House impeachment inquiry, the White House is publicly embracing a "get on with it" strategy, according to an Associated Press report in the Chicago Tribune. Republicans have asserted in recent weeks that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election. Their source often traces back to a 2017 investigation in Politico, reports the Tampa Bay Times. According to the Houston Chronicle, while Democrats push for impeachment of President Trump, his fundraising in Texas is surging as donors seek to defend him.

California regulators temporarily banned insurers from refusing to renew home-insurance policies in certain wildfire-prone parts of the state in an effort to halt an insurance-availability crisis, report the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

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USA Today

Circulation 880,420

In 1969, Arkansas-Texas made history

By George Schroeder


By Bart Jansen


By David Jackson and John Fritze

USA TODAY Snapshots

Thwarted school shootings bring a new level of fear

By Erin Richards

The small screen in a good place

By Kelly Lawler

New York Times

Circulation 533,147

Another Year In the Books

The Mets Would-Be Rescuer Is No Hero

By Michael Powell

Diverse Party Fears a Debate Lacking Color

By Nick Corasaniti, Jennifer Medina and Lisa Lerer

Uber Offers Rare Window Into Its Safety Record

By Kate Conger

Reckoning With Climate Risk

By Christopher Flavelle and Brad Plumer

Buttigieg's Early Rise as a McKinsey 'Whiz Kid'

By Michael Forsythe and Reid J. Epstein

Video of Sex Assault for Spain's 'Big Brother' Adds to Show's Orwellian Tone

By Raphael Minder

An Everyman Savors A Taste of Immortality

By Scott Cacciola

U.S. Urges End to Aid For China

By Alan Rappeport

Pelosi Declares House Will Begin to Draw Up Impeachment Charges

By Sheryl Gay Stolberg

A Day of Revolution in France, Targeting Macron

By Adam Nossiter

Jay Kriegel, City Hall Prodigy Who Left Mark on New York And Broadcast TV, Dies at 79

By Sam Roberts

Amazon Under Bolsonaro: 'Completely Lawless'

By Matt Sandy

Tufts Removes Sackler Family Name From Facilities Over Opioid Crisis

By Ellen Barry

As Gang-Related Shootings Surge, a Plea: 'Stop the Bleeding

By Edgar Sandoval

North Korea Threatens A New War . . . Of Insults

By Choe Sang-Hun

Emirates Sought Influence in 2016 Campaign

By David D. Kirkpatrick and Kenneth P. Vogel

Washington Post

Circulation 288,185

Cautious optimism on drug for Alzheimer's

By Fredrick Kunkle

Oracle case highlights alleged Silicon Valley bias

By Nitasha Tiku

Trump lays out case for sealing records in Supreme Court brief

By Robert Barnes

With much riding on Iowa, Biden's frustrations emerge

By Cleve R. Wootson Jr.

Petition: Gilead delayed drug for profit

By Christopher Rowland

Detention of pregnant migrants surged in 2018

By Maria Sacchetti

Setting the stage for future dates

By Lisa Bonos and Fritz Hahn

Booker, Castro seize the moment after Harris bows out

By Holly Bailey

Evans recall halted over lack of valid signatures

By Fenit Nirappil

Letter: Fort Meade families were punished for complaints

By Aaron Gregg

Government asks for dismissal of lawsuit over shutdown pay

By Eric Yoder

Transit's future at heart of strike

By Justin George and Antonio Olivo

Concerns renewed over security of Trump's calls

By Paul Sonne, Josh Dawsey, Ellen Nakashima and Greg Miller

The influencer life is a cinch for scrunchie-slinging Bristowe

By Jennifer Swann

Argentine teenagers rewrite the rules of language

By Samantha Schmidt

Uber reports 3,000 sex assaults on 2018 rides

By Faiz Siddiqui

Pelosi announces Democrats will draft impeachment counts

By Mike DeBonis, Karoun Demirjian and Seung Min Kim

Two Russian nationals charged in sweeping hacking schemes in U.S.

By Devlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky

NATO trip is a microcosm of Trump's travels abroad

By Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker and Michael Birnbaum

Wall Street Journal

Circulation 129,520

Pentagon On Guard Against Iran Risks

By Nancy A. Youssef and Gordon Lubold

Hoverboards Test Amazon's Liability In Product Safety

By Alexandra Berzon, Shane Shifflett, Lisa Schwartz and Fanfan Wang

California Restricts Home Insurers

By Nicole Friedman

Workplace Immigration Probes Surge

By Michelle Hackman

Transport Strike Paralyzes France

By Noemie Bisserbe

Amid Tensions, Beijing Says Trade Talks Still on Track

By Grace Zhu, Eva Dou and Bob Davis

ACA Tax Behind Health-Care Spending Growth

By Stephanie Armour

Companies Fix Errors In Accounting Quietly

By Jean Eaglesham

House Passes Measure Clarifying Insider Trade

By Paul Kiernan

Aramco's IPO Prices As Biggest One Ever

By Ben Dummett and Summer Said

Credit Cards Test Their Metal

By AnnaMaria Andriotis

New Stimulus Package Aims To Ease Japan's Tax Burden

By Megumi Fujikawa

Stock Traders Focus on Jobs Data

By Karen Langley and Paul J. Davies

BlackRock Executive Ousted Over Affair With Subordinate

By Dawn Lim

Saudis Get Steeper Cuts From OPEC

By David Hodari, Benoit Faucon and Summer Said

FCC Says 5G Doesn't Pose New Radiation Threats

By Sarah Krouse

Pelosi Directs House To Draft Charges

By Natalie Andrews, Lindsay Wise, Andrew Duehren and Siobhan Hughes

Glencore Faces U.K. Bribery Probe

By Alistair MacDonald and Scott Patterson

United Air Taps Industry Veteran for CEO

By Alison Sider and Doug Cameron

Uber Got Thousands Of Assault Reports

By Heather Somerville

Elon Musk's Big Buyout

By Nancy Keates

GM Alliance To Power Up Electric Cars

By Mike Colias, Ben Foldy and Tim Higgins

Fiat Chrysler Hit for Back Taxes

By Eric Sylvers and Giovanni Legorano


New York Post

Circulation 414,245

Page Six

By Emily Smith


By Thornton McEnery and Aaron Feis


By Mark Moore


By Mara Siegler and Natalie O'Neill


Circulation 277,834


By Robert Brodsky


House will draft impeach charges

By Tom Brune

Tampa Bay Times

Circulation 240,024

Lawsuit targets medical device

By Christina Jewett


By Lisa Mascrao and Mary Clare Jalionick

Urban life reaches for the skies

By Susan Taylor Martin

Remembering lynching victims

By Paul Guzzo

New name, same focus

By Richard Danielson

Did Politico fault Ukraine on 2016 U.S. election?

By Daniel Funke, Jon Greenberg and Louis Jacobson

Philadelphia Inquirer

Circulation 239,879

Plastic bag ban deal is reached

By Laura McCrystal and Sean Collins Walsh

New White House message: Bring it on

By Jill Colvin

Cohen, city and cable force, to step aside

By Christian Hetrick and Bob Fernandez

Phone records revive Trump security concerns

By Paul Sonne, Josh Dawsey, Ellen Nakashima, and Greg Miller

What's your game? Find out at expo

By Chris Compendio

Cohen, city and cable force, to step aside

By Andrew Seidman, Sean Collins Walsh, Chris Brennan, and Jonathan Lai

Comcast Executives Who Will Take On Cohen's Work

She Was the Girl in the Photo

By Stephan Salisbury

Inquiry moves closer to vote

By Mike DeBonis, Karoun Demirjian, and Seung Min Kim

Boston Globe

Circulation 235,236

Walsh signals possible support for transfer tax

By Tim Logan

N-word's use spurs call to alter school policies

By Danny McDonald and Maria Lovato

Some vape ills linked to licensed pot

By Dan Adams

An unusual idea and campaign keep Yang in the running

By James Pindell

Amid opioid crisis, Tufts removes Sackler name

By Deirdre Fernandes


By Adam Vaccaro and Matt Stout

Democrats will draft articles to impeach

By Mike DeBonis, Karoun Demirjian and Seung Min Kim

School aid boost is banking on growth

By Matt Stout

New York Daily News

Circulation 149,057

Race Rip On Cop Big

By Stephen Rex Brown and Graham Rayman


Circulation 118,836

House has 'no choice but to act' against Trump, Pelosi declares

By John Wagner and Felicia Sonmez

Lawmakers show opposition to Schiano contract

By Brent Johnson

N.J. one step closer to paper, plastic bag ban

By Amanda Hoover

At last, liftoff for indoor skiers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Circulation 98,690

Graves forgoes reelection to House

By Tia Mitchell

How Kemp decided on Loeffler for Senate

By Greg Bluestein

House sets up next steps on impeachment

Sailor lost at Pearl Harbor gets a hero's welcome 78 years later

By Kelly Yamanouchi

Foes fight proposal to shelter migrant kids

By Kristal Dixon


Minneapolis Star Tribune

Circulation 260,975

Twins to bring back Pineda

By La Velle E. Neal III

U.S. aid is crucial after Afghanistan peace deal

By Mujib Mashal

Greedier by the minute

By Sarah McLellan

U.S. sued over social media screening of visa applicants

By Tony Romm and Drew Harwell

Pelosi rebukes reporter who asks whether she hates Trump

By Felicia Sonmez

Doors and hearts open to fire victims' families

By Faiza Mahamud

Putin meeting high-stakes for Zelensky

By Andrew E. Kramer

Blind inmate is executed by electric chair for 1991 murder

Biden gets backing of John Kerry

Russians led worldwide hack attack

By Devlin Barrett and Matt Zapotosky

National Guard copter crash kills 3

By Matt McKinney, Mary Lynn Smith and Kim Hyatt

'No choice but to act'

By Nicholas Fandos

Budget surplus of $1.3B forecast

By Jessie Van Berkel

Scores arrested in Paris protests

By Thomas Adamson and Claire Parker

St. Paul approves $53M for development of the Ford site

By Emma Nelson

DHS chief fills several key posts

By Chris Serres

A brand new Chan

By Jon Bream

'Office' star becomes a hockey mom

By Chris Hewitt

Chicago Tribune

Circulation 245,766

Pelosi makes historic move

By Lisa Mascaro and Mary Clare Jalonick

'Guantanamo North' prisons under fire for harsh conditions

By Nausheen Husain

AJ Freund's mother pleads guilty

By Amanda Marrazzo and Christy Gutowski

'Do it now,' Trump says about impeachment

By Jill Colvin

In Orland Park parish, tears for a slain teacher

By Donna Vickroy, Mike Nolan and Zak Koeske


Dallas Morning News

Circulation 167,949


By David Moore and Tim Cowlishaw

He leaves us no choice'

By Todd J. Gillman

DISD studies ways to rebuild

By Eva-Marie Ayala

Jesuit's Smith doesn't let surgery sideline him

By Joseph Hoyt

A third straight loss

Troop buildup weighed

By Matthew Lee

Winter concerts in the spotlight

By Kelly Dearmore and Deborah Fleck

DPS to spend $200 million on staffing, appointment system

By James Barragan

Houston Chronicle

Circulation 167,820

Process to impeach moving forward

By Mike DeBonis, Karoun Demirjian and Seung Min Kim

Impeachment push pays off for Trump

By Jeremy Wallace

Gay marriage stance blamed in panel members' ousters

By Taylor Goldenstein

Cancer cluster found near contaminated rail site

By Erin Douglas


By Mike Hixenbaugh

No doubt this time

By Jonathan Feigen

Denver Post

Circulation 162,931

In a nod to biology, area school districts look to later start times

By Meg Wingerter

Coloradans in Congress divided on next step

By Justin Wingerter

End of an era?

By John Wenzel

Landy sparks Avs

By Mike Chambers

House Democrats begin drafting articles against President Trump

By Lisa Mascaro and Mary Clare Jalonick

Study reveals spike in cellphone-linked injuries

By Lindsey Tanner

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Circulation 132,206

1,100 new jobs coming to Lordstown facility

By Olivera Perkins

Mayor: New police HQ will spur development

By Courtney Astolfl

$5M investment in lead fund approved

By Rachel Dissell

Democrats take next major step

By Lisa Mascaro and Mary Clare Jalonick

'A Christmas Story' has become a true Cleveland experience

By Laura DeMarco

Chicago Sun-Times

Circulation 99,349

AJ Freund's mother pleads guilty to murder

By Mick Zawislak and Jake Griffin


By David Struett and Maudlyne Ihejirika

International women's bocce championship rolls into Highwood

By Stefano Esposito


Los Angeles Times

Circulation 436,520

Marshall Islands 'facing death row'

By Susanne Rust



By Joseph Serna

In family driven by a need for speed, Beetle is beloved

By Kate Linthicum

Faculty's failure to report extra pay costs UC

By Annie Waldman

House must proceed with impeachment, speaker says

By Sarah D. Wire

San Jose Mercury News

Circulation 325,500

State protects insurance policies in fire-risk areas

By Emily DeRuy

Draymond, Michigan State — the love goes both ways

By Wes Goldberg

Impeachment articles to be drafted

By Nicholas Fandos

Customer ownership of PG&E urged

By Maggie Angst and John Woolfolk

Rain in South Bay could mean a weekend of soggy holiday events

By Sal Pizarro

Booker appeals directly to Harris voters

Seattle Times

Circulation 197,772

Amid calls for transparency, Uber's safety report catalogs 3,045 sex assaults in U.S. rides

By Kate Conger

November surprise: Seller's market returns as King County housing inventory tightens

By Katherine Khashimova Long

Just in time for the holidays: Take a ferry and explore Vashon Island's artists' studio tour

By Nicole Brodeur

Craigslist, hotel chains sued over trafficking of children

By Mike Carter

Robot lends an ear to sea creatures - and noisy humans, too

By Evan Bush

Feds sued over social-media screening of visa applicants

By Charlie Savage

DHS retreats on facial-screening proposal of U.S. citizens

By David Koenig

Book-It revisits 'Howl's Moving Castle 9 and makes it more magical

By Dusty Somers

Coach Leach agrees to contract extension after Arkansas rumor

By Theo Lawson

San Francisco Chronicle

Circulation 173,514

Union Square retailers not high on pot shop

By Dominic Fracassa

Asian woman will take baton for S.F. Opera

By Joshua Kosman

Airbnb lays out plan to build trust, reduce risk

By Carolyn Said

Insurers can't drop homes in fire zones

By Kathleen Pender

Arizona Republic

Circulation 142,687

DeVos praises AZ as school choice 'leader'

By Lily Altavena

Mistaken identity ends in a fatal shooting

By Uriel J. Garcia

Oldest shopping plaza in Scottsdale is demolished

By Paulina Pineda

Police say Brophy McGee didn't threaten senator in private meeting

By Andrew Oxford

Portland Oregonian

Circulation 109,353

Lawmaker seeking Biden probe meets with Giuliani

By David L. Stern and Robyn Dixon

Empty seats sign of college football troubles

By John Canzano

Utah 'D' presents big, fast challenge

By James Crepea

State agency will change way it deals with parents with intellectual disabilities

By Samantha Swindler

Unresponsive for hours, teen dies in U.S. custody

Democracy is at stake, Pelosi says

By Mike DeBonis, Karoun Demirjian and Seung Min Kim

Pelosi rebukes reporter: 'Don't mess with me'

By Laurie Kellman

Orange County Register

Circulation 95,642


By Kevin Modesti

House impeachment vote nears

By Nicholas Fandos


By Susan Christian Goulding

Legal marijuana sellers prepare to take another hit

By Brooke Staggs

Dozens of complaints reportedly unpursued

By Tony Saavedra

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